These articles originally appeared in Today’s Christian Woman.

Remember – God Reaches Out to Our Children Last weekend, my husband told our son and daughter about an experience he’d had at church camp as a kid. The story was very personal and described his walk with Christ.  My daughter’s response: “You had to go to church camp?”  (read more)

Marriage Takes Courage I started a new freelance writing job recently and my husband asked me, “When is your deadline?  I answered, “The deadline is as fast as I can get it back to them before they decide they don’t like me anymore.”  One might think I lack confidence. If confidence implies that I have a sense of how a thing is going to turn out, then true: I don’t have confidence.  People are unpredictable. Life is unpredictable. And God’s plans are sometimes confusing. With that in mind, I have fallen in love with a different word: courage. Applied to a marriage, courage can make all the difference.  But it doesn’t happen much.  (read more)


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