* These articles originally appeared in Christianity Today’s Gifted For Leadership

Mouthy Mistakes   I talk too much.  It’s a habit. I talktoofast and talktoomuch.  Sometimes I could stand to zip it. I’m working on it.  However, I hate to contribute to what has been a common refrain in society–a common refrain also in some churches. The refrain goes like this: women might need to PIPE DOWN already. God’s opinion on the matter appears to have a refrain more like this: Do not neglect to use your voice. (read more)

Dodging Dogma  Over a holiday dinner once, I heard one family member tell another that drinking wine was forbidden by Jesus.  “Forbidden?” the first person asked.  Here we go, I thought.  Perhaps we should think of dogma as doctrine plus a little something extra called what-God-did-not-add. Which, FYI, God does not like.  Just ask Moses. (read more)

When Doubt Dominates Fish sticker on the car bumper? Check. Kid who can buzz in with “begotten!” for VBS Bible relay? Check.  Woman who should know better but still, sometimes, just a little, wonders? About, um, God? Check. Doubt. It happens to the best of us. (read more)

Don’t Be Surprised  I recently heard a sermon about a man who possessed incredible faith: Jairus. And his daughter was about to die. Jairus sought out Jesus, and ta-da! Daughter was healed. ACTUALLY daughter was brought back to LIFE.  Jairus’ reaction to the whole encounter caught my eye (Mark 5:22-43).  He was amazed.  He was amazed?  As in, what kind of faith is that? (read more)


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