*These articles originally appeared in Today’s Christian Woman

The Family Not-So-Thanksgiving You say you’re nervous to face your family this Thanksgiving? You’re hoping just this once you get through the holiday without a bruised ego?  Look to the saints! The great prophets of yore!  Their likely response?  “Don’t count on it.” (read more)

Yes, Virginia, He Is Real After All I love the bombardment of this season’s cheery props—Advent wreaths and Christmas trees and chimney stockings and of course there’s that guy about whom, after all this time, kids still wonder, “Is he real?  You know, Jesus. (read more)

Cue the Demanding Foot Tap  It’s Valentine’s Day.  Rome seemingly started it, Chaucer might have romanticized it.  Successful, smart, savvy women ignore it.  Allegedly. (read more)


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