Big Boys Do Cry (The Bible Tells Us So)

Parents today are at an impasse.

We want to help our boys- our sons- to express themselves without rising up a crew of feeble cherubs who bawl indiscriminately.

That’s not easy. However, parents should face it that growing the human race up strong and straight includes tears. It always has.

Case in point: Joseph.

Joseph is renown for a lot of things. There’s his Technicolor coat that inspired a Broadway musical. There’s his super famous, “You meant it for evil, God meant it for good” line that’s run its course on the sermon circuit ever since.

There’s the fact that he cried. A lot.

Hadn’t you heard that before?

Joseph was an Old Testament character with a sound mind and more fortitude, tenacity, and strength of character than most people of the Bible. Still, the author made Joseph’s tears a healthy, maturing piece of Joseph’s story.

Here’s how we can make it the same for our sons’ journeys as well.

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