Two Things We Pass On To Our Kids Without Knowing It…

There are two things we pass on to our kiddos. One we didn’t know. One we hardly believe.

First, we pass on our faith. Second, we pass on our doubts.

However, we who are smart, savvy, modern believers know that we can neutralize doubts with a faith in something real.

No problem! God is real. We believe Him. Done!


We believe Him, except.

Except when we’re not sure that His promptings are the actual way to go. Except when we know how to call on His name, but don’t know how to call on His action. Except when we trust His love, but doubt how that translates into practicality.

Our faith in Him is real. Our doubts about Him are real as well.

As a result, we wrench back control over our lives, usually in imperceptible, quiet ways. We keep it secret, often even from ourselves.

Until, what to our wondering eyes should appear but our kiddos acting out the I-believe-God-but-I-kinda-doubt-Him-too, just like us.

Just like us? We thought we kept our doubts about God a secret.

We’re not alone.

Case in point? Abraham.

Alas, then his son Isaac right along after him…

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